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Planning for retirement plan to keep working

Baby Boomers plan to work longer for better retirements

 Most Canadian baby boomers surveyed in a new poll say they would work longer to live better throughout their post-work years rather than opt to retire earlier. The CIBC survey finds that 57 per cent of Canadians aged 50 to

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Demand Grows for System z Skills

Educational resources and job opportunities abound for tech students who know where to look The mainframe has fought an image problem since it was prematurely declared dead a couple of decades ago, as client/server systems—now being replaced by the cloud—became

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Why companies need to start hiring older workers

Head of BOSTON CONSULTING urges rethink role of aging workers.  “We have to give people a chance in their 60s and early 70s to continue to work,” he said. “We have to have different opportunities for them to expand their

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The ‘Silver Tsunami’: Older Workers Better Value Than Youngsters!

Just a decade ago, experts warned of labor shortages in the United States and other countries as the baby boomers marched into retirement en masse. But with an aging population facing the prospect of living for decades on shrunken retirement

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For a Healthy Retirement, Keep Working

 Many people view retirement as a time to stop working. But new research shows that people who take on full- or part-time jobs after retirement have better health. The finding is based on data collected from 12,189 men and women

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