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Global ageing challenges

Australia’s ageing workforce: what businesses can learn from Japan and the US

Great article by Rory Gregg at Grant Thornton Productivity Commission has released important research into the impact of ageing on the Australian economy and workforce. The Productivity Commission is projecting labour productivity growth is likely to average 1.5% from FY2013, and

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In Thailand………..Not so old any longer

The Chinese government announced last week it will soon raise the mandatory retirement age. By 2020, officials now say, both women and men can expect to work five years longer, until they are 55 and 65, respectively. Like many countries,

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Employers urged to adapt to ageing workforce

 Employers are being encouraged to turn silver hair into business gold by adapting their practices to retain older workers. Workforce in NZ is shrinking, analysis shows businesses will need older workers to keep working. BusinessNZ, Southern Cross Health Society and

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Size of ageing workforce ‘set to soar’

A third of over-65s could still be in work if trends seen over the last decade persist, pensions consultants Buck have warned. Fraser Smart, managing director at the pensions, employee benefits and investment consulting firm said there was ‘no doubt

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Record numbers of over-65s working – as study claims retiring is bad for your health

Almost a million people in Britain are now working past the age of 65 according to official figures showing record numbers shunning the prospect of retirement. It comes as a study concluded that, rather than giving people a new lease

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Ageing population will have huge impact on social services, Lords told

Committee to report startling findings of wide-ranging investigation into over-65s and implications for British society A Lords inquiry has prompted warnings there is no proper plan is in place to cope with the dramatic increase in over-65s.Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

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Japan ageing crisis offers glimpse of future

  This graph is from The Economist   but the article in The Age spells it out:   Every stockmarket investor in Australia should spend time scrutinising the events unfolding in Japan. The world’s third-largest economy is akin to a window into the

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Why companies need to start hiring older workers

Head of BOSTON CONSULTING urges rethink role of aging workers.  “We have to give people a chance in their 60s and early 70s to continue to work,” he said. “We have to have different opportunities for them to expand their

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