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Australia’s budding labour market nightmare as participation drops, growth and productivity slow

Callam Pickering makes a very valid point on Australias challenged growth. “Unfortunately the news isn’t great for the Australian labour market. There is little reason for the participation rate to pick-up anytime soon. The first of the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation

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Australia’s ageing workforce: what businesses can learn from Japan and the US

Great article by Rory Gregg at Grant Thornton Productivity Commission has released important research into the impact of ageing on the Australian economy and workforce. The Productivity Commission is projecting labour productivity growth is likely to average 1.5% from FY2013, and

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Do businesses want older workers?

Tony Featherstone is a specialist writer on small companies and entrepreneurs in WA Today he asks “Do businesses want older workers?” The Productivity Commission’s call to lift the retirement age to 70 sparked a narrow debate this month. Opinions flew

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The AGE calls for Early Response to ageing population

EDITORIAL  Australia’s ageing and rapidly expanding population is a massive economic and social challenge. That is the compelling and sobering message from the Productivity Commission, one of the Federal Government’s key sources of policy advice. In a landmark report released

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These trends are unsustainable as the population ages. PricewaterhouseCoopers Report

Commend this report, not just for giving context to the economic challenges wrought by an ageing population, but also for a lucid analysis of Australia’s economic circumstances. “As our population grows older, fewer people as a proportion of the total

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The ageing workforce dilemma

We all know the statistics, on the one hand we are heading towards an increasingly ageing population whilst the figures also show that by 2025 Generation Y will be making up 75% of the workforce. The combination of increased health

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Record numbers of over-65s working – as study claims retiring is bad for your health

Almost a million people in Britain are now working past the age of 65 according to official figures showing record numbers shunning the prospect of retirement. It comes as a study concluded that, rather than giving people a new lease

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Japan ageing crisis offers glimpse of future

  This graph is from The Economist   but the article in The Age spells it out:   Every stockmarket investor in Australia should spend time scrutinising the events unfolding in Japan. The world’s third-largest economy is akin to a window into the

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