First generation of computer programmers to die and skills shortage leaves software vunerable

IT’S a looming crisis not even dreamed of when computers were the new frontier, and all those working on them were young pioneers.

191028 But fast-forward a few decades – and now experts warn that essential systems that control areas like defence and banking are about to be left without qualified people to run them, as the first generation of computer programmers retire and, sadly, die. Comment (or retire and work somewhere else)

Seventy-two-year-old US digital forensic examiner, Robert E Johnston, said that the skills shortage in computer programming carried with it serious consequences.

US futurist, Dr Thomas Frey told News Ltd that by 2020, half of most computer programming jobs will go unfilled due to skills shortages.  The price tag to either maintain or rewrite these systems are restrictively high, Dr Frey Said.
Read the whole article by Claire Connelly, National technology and social media journalist  From: News Limited Network

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