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Older workforce will push up benefits cost

Ageing employees will fuel demand for workplace benefits, but such packages will come with a higher price tag in future, a report has predicted.  The 26-page Economist Intelligence Unit report, sponsored by pensions consultancy Towers Watson, found 43 per cent

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Finding the gold in silver hair The challenges and opportunities of a cross-generational workplace

Many businesses are missing out on the opportunities offered by Australia and New Zealand’s ageing workforce, according to Finding the Gold in Silver Hair, a white paper commissioned by The Executive Connection (TEC) and launched today. The White Paper finds that

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Employers urged to adapt to ageing workforce

 Employers are being encouraged to turn silver hair into business gold by adapting their practices to retain older workers. Workforce in NZ is shrinking, analysis shows businesses will need older workers to keep working. BusinessNZ, Southern Cross Health Society and

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UK stuck with ageing IT workforce as offshoring squeezes out starter jobs

Expect more debates about jobs for young. The proportion of under-24-year-olds working in the UK IT industry has halved over the 10 years, with part of the blame for the shortfall placed on the offshoring industry of entry-level jobs. The

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Access All Ages—Older Workers and Commonwealth Laws

 The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) today released the final Report for its inquiry into legal barriers to older persons participating in the workforce and other productive work, Access All Ages—Older Workers and Commonwealth Laws (ALRC Report 120, 2013). The Report makes

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“The RBS meltdown allegedly occurred on an old batch-based mainframe system operated by junior staff inexperienced in its quirks!”

UK Bank Meltdown under investigation In wake of RBS meltdown, MPs warn banks on IT systems  “This summer’s IT meltdown at RBS damaged public confidence in Britain’s banks, which should all now be checking their systems to make sure that

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The ‘Silver Tsunami’: Older Workers Better Value Than Youngsters!

Just a decade ago, experts warned of labor shortages in the United States and other countries as the baby boomers marched into retirement en masse. But with an aging population facing the prospect of living for decades on shrunken retirement

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