Business Benefits

FeaturesBenefitsWhy are older workers good for the company? Common reasons cited are:

Dedication. We have all seen it. Older workers have a different attitude to many younger, thats it.

They turn up on time, and usually don’t whinge about it.

They tend to value honesty.

They pay more attention to detail

They usually pay attention to the boss.

They are proud of their work and it shows.

Experience is something they are happy to share.

Maturity means something when handling problems they have probably seen before.

Great mentors and show a committed work ethic.

Good people are always in short supply, why would you miss the best candidate.

They take leave in preference to a fake sickie.

Retention is a problem with many workers, older workers will lower recruitment and training costs.

Now some of these reasons we think might be a little contentious, but taken together……

Got some more reasons? Let us know.

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