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Discrimination against older people rife in Australian workplaces, national survey revealing more than 25% of people over 50 experienced age bias over past 2 years.

The survey, conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission and released on Thursday, is the first to examine age discrimination on a national level. It shows that about a third of people who experienced age discrimination gave up looking for work

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Governments get a big “F” for employing older workers

Governments, both federal and state, lag well behind the private sector when it comes to employing older workers, a new report reveals.  Using ABS and Census data, the National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre report – Past, present and future of mature

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Older workforce will push up benefits cost

Ageing employees will fuel demand for workplace benefits, but such packages will come with a higher price tag in future, a report has predicted.  The 26-page Economist Intelligence Unit report, sponsored by pensions consultancy Towers Watson, found 43 per cent

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Finding the gold in silver hair The challenges and opportunities of a cross-generational workplace

Many businesses are missing out on the opportunities offered by Australia and New Zealand’s ageing workforce, according to Finding the Gold in Silver Hair, a white paper commissioned by The Executive Connection (TEC) and launched today. The White Paper finds that

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CIOs fear mainframe skills shortage with retirement of experienced developers

But companies are still unprepared Two-thirds of CIOs believe a looming mainframe developer skills shortage will hurt their business, according to research. As a result CIOs are uneasy about their ability to effectively support new applications and meet the fast changing

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Australia’s budding labour market nightmare as participation drops, growth and productivity slow

Callam Pickering makes a very valid point on Australias challenged growth. “Unfortunately the news isn’t great for the Australian labour market. There is little reason for the participation rate to pick-up anytime soon. The first of the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation

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Australia’s ageing workforce: what businesses can learn from Japan and the US

Great article by Rory Gregg at Grant Thornton Productivity Commission has released important research into the impact of ageing on the Australian economy and workforce. The Productivity Commission is projecting labour productivity growth is likely to average 1.5% from FY2013, and

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In Thailand………..Not so old any longer

The Chinese government announced last week it will soon raise the mandatory retirement age. By 2020, officials now say, both women and men can expect to work five years longer, until they are 55 and 65, respectively. Like many countries,

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Employers urged to adapt to ageing workforce

 Employers are being encouraged to turn silver hair into business gold by adapting their practices to retain older workers. Workforce in NZ is shrinking, analysis shows businesses will need older workers to keep working. BusinessNZ, Southern Cross Health Society and

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Do businesses want older workers?

Tony Featherstone is a specialist writer on small companies and entrepreneurs in WA Today he asks “Do businesses want older workers?” The Productivity Commission’s call to lift the retirement age to 70 sparked a narrow debate this month. Opinions flew

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