An Ageing workforce requires changed expectations

Our skills are in high demand, its just we want to change how, when and where we work. We don’t want to stop working, we want to be ABLE to retire.¬†

We no longer define retirement as not working, we actually like the work.
But our version of retirement is a bit more fluid.

KnowledgePool was established as a response to an ongoing and growing issue, fundamentally retention of highly skilled IT capacity. This capacity includes years and years of mistakes. Experience is the name we give our mistakes, so we are all very experienced.
We are just embarking on this process, In many ways this is new territory.
But remember these birthdays
Mick Jagger July 26 1943
Keith Richards December 18 1943
and the man who wrote “My Generation” Pete Townsend May 19 1945 (a youngster by comparison with Jagger)

BTW you are welcome to nominate other names for the list of still kickin!

So we are committed to creating opportunities for members to continue working while “retired”. This must by definition translate to crafting individual responses. We are up for the task, and have already had dialogues with a number of tier 1 Australian companies that show they recognise the need to respond to the challenge.

We don’t care about when, we just want people who are interested to contact us. Let us know what your 5 year plans are, thats ¬†probably 20% of whats left of your effective contributing billable time. use it or lose it as someone said.