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Baby Boomers plan to work longer for better retirements

 Most Canadian baby boomers surveyed in a new poll say they would work longer to live better throughout their post-work years rather than opt to retire earlier. The CIBC survey finds that 57 per cent of Canadians aged 50 to

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First generation of computer programmers to die and skills shortage leaves software vunerable

IT’S a looming crisis not even dreamed of when computers were the new frontier, and all those working on them were young pioneers.  But fast-forward a few decades – and now experts warn that essential systems that control areas like

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“The RBS meltdown allegedly occurred on an old batch-based mainframe system operated by junior staff inexperienced in its quirks!”

UK Bank Meltdown under investigation In wake of RBS meltdown, MPs warn banks on IT systems  “This summer’s IT meltdown at RBS damaged public confidence in Britain’s banks, which should all now be checking their systems to make sure that

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